Dr. Jennifer Dunlap
  Office Staff-Rebecca Dunlap
Dr. Jennifer Dunlap has had a lifelong love for horses and has had horses for most of her life. She has competed in eventing, dressage and hunter/jumpers and has rehabilitated many ex-racehorses directly from the track. She currently enjoys showing her Irish Draughts in a variety of disciplines. She is very committed to providing outstanding care for her clients and patients. She is actively involved in animal rescue and has worked on numerous  animal cruelty cases and serves as an expert witness in court. Dr. Dunlap served as the head of the vet team for the Memphis Flood Disaster Shelter  in 2011 and is a credentialed member of the Shelby and Fayette county DART (Disaster Animal Response Team.) She has also received ASAR training in slack water animal rescue. She enjoys providing client education seminars and has written articles for a variety of horse magazines.

Dr. Dunlap graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Boston, MA in 1999. Tufts is world renown for its innovative programs including the Equine Sports Medicine program.  While a 4th year vet student she was awarded the prestigious ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award. Following graduation she did an equine medicine/surgery internship at Tufts in conjunction with the sport horse veterinary practice Mass Equine. Dr. Dunlap then went on to do an equine surgery residency at the University of Tennessee. She was awarded the Large Animal Resident of the Year award two of her three years at UT.  She has extensive experience in lameness and emergency care and critical care response and is skilled in large animal rescue and rehabilitation. She is a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners), and VECCS (Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.)

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Becky Dunlap has been a dedicated "horse show mom" for 25 years serving as the  long distance horse hauler, braider, groom, videographer and cheer section for her three daughters. She and her husband, Bill, Jennifer's dad, own the family horse farm and Becky oversees the day to day operations of the farm. She runs the paperwork side of Dunlap Equine Services. Becky enjoys  carriage driving with her Belgian draft, Merlin and is starting her Norwegian Fjord Norman in driving. She has also responded in several high profile horse cruelty cases and is invaluable as a skilled horse handler and hauler.