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Here at Dunlap Equine Services we believe in cutting edge point of care diagnostics and treatments, meaning we can literally provide care in the middle of a field:
1. Completely wireless digital Radiography (x-ray) enabling us to x-ray everything from a horse's head, neck and back to the tiniest foal's hoof. 
2. Wireless digital gastroscopy and upper airway endoscopy allowing us to scope for everything from a sinus issue to stomach ulcers right on the farm.
3. Handheld blood analyzers.  We can get valuable blood values immediately in the field helping us target fluid therapy and further care. 
4. Battery operated fluid pumps enabling us to provide targeted fluid therapy in an emergency for everything from rapid fluid replacement to blood transfusions. 
5. Cordless Powerfloat, digital dental camera and dental instruments for providing dentistry from Miniature horses to draft horses. 
6. Ultrasound for lameness diagnostics, lung issues or abdominal problems. 

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